Monday, November 18, 2013

So much.

Just yesterday I was posting about the job of human being sometimes getting just too big to handle.  Today is a perfect example.  I had to go over and feed my mom's dog and let her out.  Then I've got to work today.  Then back to let the dog out. At 3, we have 4H which I am kind of in charge of and we are moving might be moving mom into the assisted living facility this evening.  Right now she's with her sister.  This week in retrospective has just been a joy (sarcasm).  I've had to deal with the emotional and physical toll of  mom moving,  issues with her caregiver, contacting our attorney, trying to get all the paperwork done, falling down the stairs and still not being able to turn my head to the left without pain,  I dropped all my credit cards, insurance cards and driver's license last Monday night (found all of them but 2, thanks to a concerned citizen at Kmart) when I went shopping and here we are going into the holidays.
I was going to add that if you came to this blog looking for a post on homeschooling, I'm sorry, but you know what?  This week would have been so much more difficult if we were having to deal with the schools, getting up early, the kids coming home tired and cranky, hours of homework ...  I've been there.  I remember it.  I'm glad we're homeschooling now.  

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