Friday, November 22, 2013

Okay, now I sound like an idiot.

One of the workers from my mom's assisted living facility called me asking about her automatic pill dispenser. She couldn't tell if it had dispensed the pills this morning or not and because of my silly deal with the kids to pretend that Thursday was Friday, so they would get their school work done on Thursday night, I was confused when she called and thought today was Saturday.  Duh.  Anyway, even if she does think I'm an idiot, I was very nice and polite, so at least she will think that I am a nice idiot.   Since mom is in assisted living and has someone come in every morning to help her with her pills, I am going to replace the automatic, alarming pill dispenser with a plain one.  We have staff now.  It's very nice to know that she is being checked on.  She's had an exercise class, a crafts class and they have had a live musician come in and play saxaphone saxephone saxophone for them and yesterday they had a Thanksgiving dinner and my youngest son and I went, along with mom's sister.  I'm gluten free so I ate my turkey, some green beans and some sweet potatoes and passed on all the pies, but my son ate a good amount and seemed to enjoy it too.  Mom and Mom's cousin who also lives there, enjoyed watching him eat and laughed at him trying to cut his turkey and ham with a plastic fork and plastic spoon.  Then later we went and mom beat me at a game of UpWords.  I'm good at it and beating me is no easy feat. 

So anyway, as the days go by I hope she feels happier and more at home. 

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