Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Our version ...

We're off today to do our version of camping, which involves staying in a lodge/hotel that is close to a campground, eating in the restaurant and swimming in the pool. We also plan to swim in the lake and build sand castles and maybe play a little bit of putt putt golf. We're taking part of this week off from school, maybe all of it. We took off yesterday for the holiday and when we get back, I've got to make up any work time that I was gone, plus take my mom for a couple of medical tests and we've got 2 birthday parties this weekend. I don't get any kind of paid time off from work, so I need to get busy!


Freakmom said...

Can swimming and mini-golf be included as p.e. time? So you don't have miss school completely?

Have a great time, it sounds like fun!

Amy said...

Oh, I say that absolutely counts for PE! ;-) We actually did school on Labor Day & Tues. morning, but the rest of this week has been spent on 'Home Ec' (check out my blog)....we have realitves coming in from out-ot-town for my cousin's wedding, then DD's Bd, Family Reunion, plus whatever else transpires between now & then. So we will be off all of next week.


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