Sunday, September 07, 2008

Have you read my blog?

I seem to say that a lot lately. We went to a family birthday party today and I found myself asking that when people would ask how I was. It sounds silly, but I'm actually trying to keep from repeating stuff they already know. Blogging adds a new dimension to life in that respect. Sometimes I'll blog something and then promptly forget about it only to be reminded by someone at a family gathering which kind of makes me feel like an idiot. (maybe I should just go with that feeling?) I may hold some stories back off my blog around Christmas so I'll have something to talk about at family parties. :-)

Anyway, today was my youngest nephews second birthday. For blog purposes, I will refer to him as Mr. Cuteness. Happy Birthday!


sunshineperri said...

I, on the other hand, don't want my family to read my blog. I always upset someone with something I wrote without meaning to!!!!
I think it's better to repeat than for them to not know anything!!!
If they heard (or read) it before, to bad, it's a part of your families life and it is worth retelling!!!
That's my two cents worth!!!

Red said...

I seem to promote my cooking blog more than this blog. I have tons to offer on my cooking blog, but this one is

I love writing, so I am thrilled that I happened upon the world of blogging. Where would all my words go?


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