Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Nothing scheduled today.

Ahh. It's nice. I think I'll stay in junky clothes all day and try to exceed my goofing off goal. :-) I'm also kind of trying to think of an excuse to be in town tonight during Baskin Robbins dollar scoop night. I haven't thought of anything yet but I'll keep working on it.

All goofing off aside, we need to get back into the whole school routine today. We only did half a day yesterday technically, because we didn't do our afternoon lists. However, the younger 2 kids got really involved in the measuring work they were doing for Math Mammoth. They were measuring a bunch of things in the house and because we don't have a metric tape measure, they were figuring out, on their own, how to use a 12 inch ruler to measure a large object in meters and converting to feet and inches along the way so they could use the large tape measure. They were using pieces of yarn to measure, taping off meter increments on the kitchen floor and really learning a lot. This lasted for a couple of hours and they weren't done with school until almost 4 o'clock, even involving my oldest son in measuring and pacing/stepping off meters at the end. So was this half a day of school or a whole day? I'm thinking a whole day.

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sunshineperri said...

I say whole day!!! What a very creative way to teach them!!! Isn't it wonderful when you teach them something and they want to spend so much time utilizing their brains!!!! KUDOS, to you!!!!
Yes, it was a whole day!!!!


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