Thursday, September 11, 2008

In a good mood today.

I'm not sure why I'm in a particularly good mood today, but I am going with the feeling. A few good things have happened. I went to the doctor yesterday, a trip I had been dreading for over a month and got it overwith. That's always a good thing. My mom's CT scan results came back without anything really bad, some gallstones and diverticulitis, which we can deal with. I got the first disk of House Season 4 last night from Netflix and watched the whole thing last night. (We don't have cable or satellite, so I just wait for the whole thing on DVD). I was laughing a lot at House and Wilson's antics. Best of all though, my daughter decided to do a bunch of the paid chores on the list I always keep on the fridge and cleaned the bathrooms and swept and mopped in the kitchen and living room. Cool. She's planning to do a bunch more things today including bathing the dogs and scooping the poo out of the yard. These are jobs that I am really, really, really glad not to have to do myself. Also, sales have picked up on my Cafepress store. (one of my newest designs is pictured above) Since gas prices went up, my sales had gone down and just this week they've been pretty good again. I hope the trend continues.

On the homeschooling front, it seems to be going pretty well. Yesterday because of yet another doctor's appointment I had to go to, the kids only did morning lists (AGAIN). Morning lists though, include writing, spelling, math, math review, chores, reading and exercise (PE) for the younger 2 and Algebra and computer, chores and PE for the high schooler. The afternoon subjects are language arts, writing, geography and science. If we end up getting too far behind in the afternoon subjects because my relentless outside obligations, we'll just make it up by doing only afternoon list subjects for a while. It all evens out. I'm very pleased with their progress right now. The older 2 read all the time and the youngest is getting into it too. He's on chapter 14 of the first Harry Potter book. (YAY!) My daughter is becoming a good speller even though we've abandoned our spelling curriculum for the past 6 months and she's just been reading, reading, reading. Overall, I am pleased with how it is going this year, despite how crazy my calendar looks.


Molly said...

You like to watch House too? We just got into it this year. It's one of those shows that grows on you every time you watch it. We haven't seen the first few seasons though... maybe we should look in to this NetFlix thing.

Molly said...

We like to watch House too! Maybe I'll check in to getting it on NetFlix because we haven't seen the first few seasons yet.

Molly said...

I think I just commented twice... or 3 times now... sorry! haha


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