Monday, March 06, 2017

What are they doing now?

In the old original homeschool group there were several families and most of their kids have grown up now and moved on from homeschooling.  Would you like to know what they are doing?

Family 1:
Son graduated last year and is working full time in a T-shirt printing company and likes it very much.
Daughter still has 2 years of high school to go.

Family 2:
Daughter got an associate's degree and then joined the air force.
Son works at a grocery store and has plans to join the national guard.
Son 2 still has one year of high school to go.

Family 3:
Daughter works as a teaching assistant with special needs children, engaged to be married.

Family 4:
Daughter is in junior year of college.
Sons graduate this year from high school and are college bound.

Family 5:
All 3 kids in college and all 3 are working part time jobs as well.

Family 6:
Oldest son works in a machine shop and attends training to be a machinist.
Youngest son still in high school.

Family 7:  Us!
Oldest son just graduated college, engaged to be married this June.
Daughter works at a local preschool.
Youngest son going to college or technical school next fall.  Plans to rule the world soon to follow.

It's fun to see them all doing something, all getting out there and being in the world.  They aren't social misfits or weirdos.  Homeschoolers are doing great.  :-)

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