Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Field Trip!

I forgot to mention that last week we took a field trip.   There is a field trip group in Louisville that only does field trips.  They don't meet in other ways as a group, no mom's nights or co-ops, just field trips.  They do them very well.  They have a web site and if you see a field trip you want to go to, you just select that and pay with paypal.  Then you show up at the designated meeting spot and enjoy yourself.  They allow college age kids to participate so we are still going to the occasional one.  Last week we went to Indiana University Southeast and saw a production of Julius Caesar that was amazing.  They did the show with minimal props and only 6 actors playing all the parts.  It was really, really cool.

Today, we are taking advantage of one of the free classes our library does and we are going to make a tartan as a craft.  I'm interested to know how we will do that.  My daughter is very interested in tartans because of something to do with her book - top secret- so she's the one who wanted us to sign up.

The last class I took at the library was the career coaching class and it was great, so hopefully this one will be too.

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