Friday, March 03, 2017

It seems like

It seems like I'm doing a lot, but when I go to write about it, it's nothing remarkable.  I work out at PT.  I job hunt.  I clean.  I read.  I got a really good group of books at the library yesterday and I read nearly halfway through one of them last night.  Today called my congressman about some bills going into the Ky house and senate regarding homeschooling.  It seems like this is a right we always have to fight to keep.  Now that I am finished with homeschooling, I'm fighting for the right for my future grandchildren.  

 Tomorrow I'll be having my first ever job interview on Skype, which the though of makes me very nervous.  I'll report how that goes.  The job is one that I simultaneously really want and worry that I can't physically do, so there's that.  It's an "on your feet" all day kind of job, I suspect, and that will be hard for me and my knees, but I want to do it and I need the money.

We have been doing our board game days on Saturday which has cut down on the attendance a little but it was the only days I could get the library, so we've tried it.  In April, we'll be going back to Fridays.  I guess we'll keep doing this group as long as the kids want to, though eventually, they should be able to do it on their own, without me.  A board game store has opened in our area and they do games every night so we may transition to there.  We'll see.  My youngest son still hasn't gotten his driver's license to do these things without me so I have to be involved.  I'm letting him take the lead on this as he did with reading and other things, but it is starting to annoy me.  I both want him to get his license and don't want to take him driving, so there's another one of my dilemmas.  :-)
Scoring from a recent board game tournament with abbreviated participants names.  :-) 

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