Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Some random things since the New Year.

These are in reverse order, because that's where they were on my phone.  The lion is a painting my daughter did in art class.  She just does a good job at everything she sets her mind to do.   I really can't wait until her novel comes out.  :-)  
The next 5 pictures are some of my art.  I've started doing some of it actually in the bible.  Someone put me into the group Illustrated Faith on Facebook and this is what they do, so I'm trying it.

These next 4 pictures have to do with the new homeschool group we joined a couple of years ago after our old one disbanded.  We have board game meetups every other week with them and this is the group of games we took last time, followed by a picture of the game Labyrinth which is one of the games we got for Christmas.  I like it very much, but it makes me feel that everyone else is way smarter than me.   The last picture here is of the huge, ginormous Nerf battle we participated in for New Year's Eve.  That was fun.   It was inside a local high school.

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