Monday, January 09, 2017


We got bad news over the weekend.  My son's fiancee's goddaughter, who was going to be in their wedding, was killed in a tragic accident.   My son and his fiancee are devastated and we are feeling their sadness here, hundreds of miles away, unable to do much about it.  I know, though, if we were there, there would be little we could do but pray and hug and one of those we can do from here, though it feels hollow, useless.  I just feel so bad for them and for everyone involved.  It makes me sad every time a mom or dad loses a child.  It shouldn't happen that way.  When my parents died, it felt horrible, but there was a sense that this was at least the right order of things.  When a child is taken so young, it's unspeakable and wrong.  

Prayers please for this family and my son and future-daughter-in-law whose lives are irrevocably changed.

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