Thursday, January 05, 2017

My reading blunder.

We started reading as a read-aloud the newest Ranger's Apprentice book, The Battle of Hackham Heath last night and my daughter is reading it.  She didn't make a mistake but at one point, she said that some people crouched in the forest and my son heard it as "crapped in the forest", which was funny.

Then later, we were discussing the snow predictions and I looked up the website and was reading from it.  It said 1-2 inches with 4 inches possible in some areas, but I read it as 4 inches available in some areas, which is a different meaning altogether.  My son just came in here to tease me about it again and said "4 inches available in limited quantities.  Please call now."

So far, we only have about an inch and a half.  :-)

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