Thursday, September 01, 2016


I have been teaching youngest son to drive, which so far has been a little nerve-wracking, but we had a good session today.  For the first few sessions, I just took him out to our church parking lot and we drove in circles for a bit, while he was learning to stop, go and turn smoothly.  It took a while.  He hates that he can't use his left foot to drive and he wants to go faster than I will let him, but the parking lot is small and we don't need to get up any speed.  Today, I took him to a nearby subdivision with little traffic and nice wide streets and it went well.  He is getting better with the starting and stopping more smoothly, turning curves while staying on his side of the road and not hitting the mailboxes.  It's progress.  He's lucky that he doesn't have to learn to drive in the Suburban like his brother did.  :-)

The one on the left is the one we were driving today, the one on the right is the suburban.  There is somewhat of a size difference.  :-)

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