Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Post Homeschooling Settling In.

I still don't know what I am going to do next.  I have been looking for work, but it's slow going.   Meanwhile, I've been working on the house.  I got a bunch of Mom's clothes boxed up and taken to consignment this week.  It was kind of sad, the things I took last month,  the consignment store ended up donating 90% of it and only selling a couple of things and they are going to do the same this month.  It's depressing, but what can I do?  If I didn't live in the jungle, I'd have a yard sale, but here I am.  Still, those things are out of my house and they weren't doing us any good.  None of us could wear them and if we could, we'd just generate emotional responses from people who knew mom, so I have a few more square feet in my bedroom now and someone in a homeless shelter will be able to dress pretty.

Today, I'm going to work on cleaning out the linen closet.  When we first moved in this house, I was pregnant with youngest son, oldest was 5 and the girl was 15 months old.  I just shoved some things in the linen closet and never used it for linens.  They've been stored in the laundry room shelving unit.  So now, I'm going to put the linens where they go, only 19 years later ....  I had an excuse for not doing it then, but I'm not sure what excuse I can stretch for 19 years, but anyway, I'm going to do it today.  It will probably take a couple of hours and getting all of that out of the laundry room will help with its eventual cleaning (which I dread!)

I'm also going to set up some board game days for the boy and take him driving today, if it doesn't rain.  The two of us will also be going to a college fair on Thursday.  He's still going back and forth with what he wants to do, trade school, work or college.  He's working on several creative ideas and I have challenged him to get one of his board games published on Game Crafter by the end of this year.  He tends to be like me a little bit --- all dreaming and seldom doing, so I am hoping to get him in gear to get something published.

The girl has settled into her job now and she likes it, which is a relief.  We are still working at the little craft store and it's been more difficult to fit that in with her job.  We didn't do it last month and commissions were taken out and it was very, very painful,  so this month, we are working!  Here's what our table looks like currently.  It's cute.  The girl worked on it most of the day Sunday, trying to get some height, so everything wouldn't be flat on the table and trying to change it up a little.  These pictures are at various times of the day.  I don't think I got the final one, but I think it looks good.

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