Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This week in pictures.

Okay, I'm doing my own version of This Week In Pictures.  First is our peach tree, which is producing significant peaches for the very first time this year.  It's exciting!  My daughter went out the other night and picked some, kind of late and when we brought them into the light, they weren't as ripe as we had hoped.  We looked up on the internet how to ripen them and it said to put a banana in with them.  Somebody put the a banana in, but only in one bowl.  I guess the other bowl is the control?   Experimentation never stops.  Once a homeschooler, always a homeschooler.  :-P 
This scale is out on my kitchen countertop because my son wanted to estimate and do the math on how much Cornish pixies must weigh.  We watched Harry Potter 7 over the weekend.

Yesterday we went to the store to buy my daughter some work pants for her new job.   They had a great sale at J.C. Penney as usual and we came home with 2 pairs of khakis.  On the way home, we could see that we were getting ready to drive into some rain.  

Kitten picture of the day.  

A picture of the book I am reading, "My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry."  I like the quote but was too lazy to write it down last night.  "Granny doesn't like it when people say that things are made-up and reminds Mum she prefers the less derogatory term "reality-challenged."  In the past month, I've read 3 books by this author, Fredrick Backman.  Haven't finished this one yet, but the other 2 are fabulous, "A Man Called Ove"  and "Britt Marie Was Here."  
This frog often sits in between the 2 pool layers.  One day he jumped in the pool and climbed up my back while I was hysterically trying to get away from him with much screaming.  My son came out to rescue me and informed me that it was "just a frog" and I shouldn't get so silly about it.  I said "You don't understand.  He was ON ME. "  I know it's not a spider, but it was yucky all the same.  I am very much a girl.  

Anyway, that's our week.  Summer's ending and we will have to take my precious pool down soon so I am trying to make the most of it and everyone is sending their kids back to school.  Here's how I feel about that.  My son and his girlfriend have gone back home and we are trying to settle in here to our new normal.  My daughter starts her job Monday and I don't know if I even will have a job.  I'm still waiting to hear.   Meanwhile, I guess I'll clean something here at home.  ;-/ 

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