Monday, April 25, 2016


The weekend was okay, I suppose. The weather has been beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.  I've been very worried about my mom, so I have been down there at the assisted living facility every day trying to get her to eat and drink something.  They will not be able to keep her there and she may have to go to a nursing home if she does not start eating.  I've been in contact with the NP who is treating her quite a bit as well.  It is not physically exhausting, but the mental exhaustion from the worry makes me feel physically exhausted.  Every day I go have lunch with her and then I come home and want to sleep.  I've been trying to be more "in the moment" when I am at home and it does help with the stress/anxiety of it.  Last night, my family took a couple of hours and had a board game night.  Cosmo was all excited at first when we set up the card table, but he quickly lost interest in what we were doing and crawled under one of the ottomans and growled at himself for a while.  I guess that was more fun than watching us play Blokus, Masterpiece and Cover Your Assets.  :-P  

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