Thursday, April 07, 2016

I painted a rug.

I had 2 little cheap Ikea rugs in my entryway.  I decided to paint them.  I actually did 2 but only one of them turned out really well.  On the other one, I made a mistake with the stencil.  I think it turned out cute.  Please ignore the scratches and dirt on the baseboard, the dogs go out this door and seem to always be racing each other and scrabbling for a foothold so that one can get out more quickly than the other and they scratch up the baseboard.  I'm planning to paint that when I get a chance.

It's weird being a full time housewife, now that I am unemployed.  I have not been getting as much done as I want to around the house.  I am not organized and I don't have a schedule.  I have been setting alarms on my phone every 20 minutes to keep me going, but I get distracted.  My mom has not been feeling well and that has been making me very sad and it's hard to feel energized about cleaning when you are sad.  I saw her today and she's better.  She started antibiotics last night, thank goodness.

As for homeschooling reports, we're almost done.  Youngest son is in the living room doing his German right now and in only a few weeks he will be finished.  I think he's probably going to get a job this summer and work one year to save up before starting college.  We'll see, I guess.

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