Saturday, April 09, 2016

Simplest Trick of All for Saving on Groceries.

Okay, here's my simple trick for saving on groceries.  I use coupons sometimes.  I go to the salvage grocery store sometimes (and when I do, I save money for 2-3 weeks afterwards at the regular grocery store) but the best/easiest thing I do, is just procrastinate going for a day or two.  I don't go once a week, but once every 8-9 days.   My grocery budget when we were both working, for 5 pets and 4 people, was 150 dollars a week and when I go, I pretty much fill up the cart/buggy and it ends up being right around this amount.  I do spend less when I do a meal plan, but it averages about this amount most of the time.  Some people like to challenge themselves and empty the pantry out over a month and save the money, but I like to have fresh fruit and dairy products, so I just put off going to the store for a couple of days.  I think I will challenge myself this week and try and go maybe 3 days past a week.   Yesterday would have been my grocery day if I went once a week, but we have plenty of food, so I think we can wait until Monday.

So here's 150 dollars a week going every 7 days  .... 7800 per year.

every 8 days 6843 per year.

every 9 days 6083 per year.

In the summer, Kroger kind of messes this schedule up because they have a promotion that if you shop on weekends, you get double gas points, so in the summer, I'll probably go every weekend.  Those gas points add up.

A while back, I got a full tank of gas for 1.49 a gallon.


Now that I look at this, I think I can do better and spend less.

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