Monday, April 18, 2016

This and that.

The view out the living room window yesterday.  Yesterday was just breathtakingly beautiful.  I did go outside for a while, but I did not take my phone, so I took the picture after I got inside.
Most of last week was just recovering from staying at the hospital for 2 overnights.  I didn't get much else done.  I went to see mom pretty much every day just to make sure that she eats something, in order to keep her out of the hospital, hopefully, ongoing. 

We did finally work at the little store in town where my daughter and I are selling our crafts.  We made 70 dollars with our crafts and our table cost 60 so we didn't do all that great, really, for our first month.  We'll see if we want to continue.  I told her I'd do 3 months.   Tourist season is just now ramping up though, so maybe we'll do better in the future.  These pictures are of our display.  :-)  

We are continuing homeschooling in our relaxed style, which means that the boy does his lessons on his own and when he says he's done, he'll be done and we'll work on his transcript and get him ready for college.  He recently re-took the ACT and felt that he probably did better on it, so hopefully he'll get some good scores and be ready to go to college (not too far away :-P.)

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