Sunday, December 06, 2015

Fun and then not - so- fun!

We had a craft bazaar and luncheon at our church and it was great!  Ours is the last table in this series of pictures.  My daughter and I both sold plenty to get our table fees back and more.  We were very happy and excited and tired when we came home.  We started to watch Elf and I laid down on my back with my head kind of hanging down and that pushed me into a bout of vertigo that was the worst ever.  I felt like throwing up.  I staggered to the right when I would try to walk.  I had to hold onto the walls.  I remembered that the NP last time had had me to a set of exercises so I googled 'exercises for vertigo" watched a Youtube video and did the exercise 3 times, but I think only correctly once.  I seems to have worked, thank God.  I could not live like that!  It was awful.  So there was the fun and then the not-so-fun.  

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