Sunday, December 13, 2015

A few things.

Things are always busy around here and this week, busy x3 or 4.  We went to a concert the other night, and saw Mercy Me with the Louisville Orchestra.  It was cool, but security was tight and took a long, long, long, long time and we missed the first few songs.  I was very disappointed.  The first picture, below, is the stage, the second is a closeup of the ornate column that was beside my seat and the third, is the long line to get in.  I know that security is necessary, but I wish that we had been warned of the time involved.  We got there 35 minutes early and ended up 15-20 minutes late.  :-(  

This picture is a chalk drawing on posterboard that my daughter had done one night on a whim, put under her bed and forgot about until she was cleaning the area under her bed the other day and found it.  If I had drawn something that good, I would not have forgotten it.  :-P.

It's hot chocolate season around here.  In this house, we make some seriously good hot chocolate and this week, we've been making it fancy with whipped cream and sprinkles.  :-)  

School is going on though not very energetically and the kids took the ACT test yesterday.  They think they did okay.  We'll see in 4-6 weeks, I suppose.  This photo is of my work, and a sample of the kind of thing that voice recognition does occasionally.  The VR at my current job is a ton better than the VR that made me leave my old job, but it's still frustrating sometimes .. and also funny.  

We're getting ready for Christmas.  I've got almost all of my shopping done.  I just need to get something for mom.  Speaking of mom, there is an opening in an assisted living facility closer to home and we are pondering moving her, so pray for us and for her as we try to do this.  

I hope that you all are enjoying the holiday season!  Sometimes the stress gets too much and tries to take away the joy, but I am trying to savor the good things.  

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