Tuesday, April 07, 2015

This is IT!

Here's the "why"of homeschooling, right here in this article!  Laura Grace Weldon is a such a good writer!  Go read it right now!  Learning: It's not about education.

Here's a small excerpt:  "When young people are insufficiently challenged or pushed too hard, they do learn but not necessarily what they’re being taught. What they learn is that the educational process is boring or makes them feel bad about themselves or doesn’t acknowledge their deeper gifts. They see that what they achieve is relentlessly judged. They learn to quell enthusiasm and suppress the value-laden questions that normally bubble up as they seek to grow more wholly into themselves. Gradually, their natural moment-to-moment curiosity is distorted until they resist learning anything but what they have to learn. This is how the life force is drained from education."

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