Monday, April 20, 2015

Family Trees.

My youngest son and I were talking yesterday after church.  We've been going to the same church for both of our whole lives.  His ancestors on both sides were among the founders of the church.   As we were leaving, he said that he wondered how many of the church members he was related to.  Of the ones that were there yesterday, I could only think of maybe 5 people?  He said that he doesn't know everyone when we go to family parties, so I am going to try and remedy that with a family tree exercise and maybe looking at a bunch of different pictures on Facebook, to help connect him to his roots a little bit.  While looking for a family tree printable I found this one that looks like a house and is suitable for coloring, though it looks nothing like a tree.  It's cute as can be.

This is a homeschool method that works out well for us, just we as a family, following up on his curiosity.  I could let it go and forget about it and unless he brings it up again, he'll never know who his great grandparents are, but he mentioned it and I'm going to follow up on it.  So for this, we'll be doing some collaborative schooling. :-)

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