Monday, April 06, 2015

Fun times.

I'm not being sarcastic with that phrase like I sometimes am.  We had a really good time at my husband's parents house for Easter this year.  We had a wonderful meal and a good time visiting with each other and then also, we had some hilarious moments.   I'll try and describe them here.   At one point, my mother in law was in the big walk-in closet when we start checking to see where the world's cutest 2 year old was, during the conversation, someone asked if she was with Mamaw and I said "No, Mamaw just came out of the closet."  which led to the first bout of laughter.

The second was when we were talking about my father-in-law having sold an old car but not being able to get the trunk open to see what was in there and just selling it as-is.  My husband said "I know what is in the trunk, that guy that Dad used to bowl with" ...(then he paused to think of the guy's name and go on with the story, but it was too late, we were all laughing.)

And last, but certainly not least, we had a guest, someone who had never met us before.  She only knew one of us really well.  She was standing waiting for the bathroom which my brother-in-law was in.  My father in law thought that perhaps she was uncomfortable with the only person she really knew down the hall in the office working on the computer for a minute so he told her, "Get a chair and take it in there and sit with him, he won't mind."  but keep in mind, she was waiting for the BATHROOM.  :-)

Also we had an Easter Egg hunt and played/watched a game of Bocci and I didn't get any pictures.  :-(

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