Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The new guy.

The new dog from the shelter that we got on Saturday is doing pretty well.  He had accidents in the house the first day but not since.  He goes into his crate at night and sleeps in it without complaint. He seems to like everyone although I am not sure about the cats.  He goes out on the dog run and they likely stay away from that area.  He barks at them a bit through the window.  The first day, he just ran around, smelling of everything and going to the back door to look at Piper (he loves her) and then back to smell of everything again, frequently falling down when he'd change floor surfaces. He'd also go up to Freckles (the other house dog) and then she'd growl and he'd run into the kitchen and fall down.  Hence, his shelter name of Falgor has been changed to the easier to say Cosmo, kind of after Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld who also falls down a lot, but also, I think just because we like the say it sounds.  My daughter picked it out and we all just go along with her because she's the picky one.  

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