Monday, April 21, 2008

Hopefully, this week will be better.

If it's worse, I'm leaving town, going into hiding or something.

We've got another field trip today and then we will have some free days to rest and recover. I thought I'd share a couple of youngest son's recent comments this morning to start this week out on a better note.

Saturday we went to the mailbox which led to a climbing trees and skipping rocks in the creek playtime. As we walked back into the house, my youngest said "Next time I get the mail, I'm wearing boots." Apparently getting the mail at our house is a dirty job. ;-)

Youngest son has also invented what may be the newest breakfast sensation since Seinfeld's "muffin tops". His invention is called "Muffin Plottoms" and they have coffee, with sugar and creamer already in it, inside the muffin. He hasn't figured out all the details on how to do this yet, but if anybody can, it would be him.


Amy said...

Sure hope you DO have a better week this week, Dana....been thinking about you!

Wearing boots to get the mail....sounds like something you'd need to do at our house!

And I LOVE the muffin I sit here eating a chocolate chip muffin & sipping my coffee. Tell him to let me know when he gets all the details worked out. ;-)

Junosmom said...

Sorry you've had a bad time lately. My blog is kind of a barometer also. If I'm not blogging, I'm about out of energy which could be a positive expediture - OR I am completely tapped out. If there is anthing I can do, email.


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