Monday, April 07, 2008

Grocery Day.

Today was grocery day. We really, really needed them, but because of gas prices, I wasn't about to make 2 trips to town and go early and then head back for the 4H meeting, so we waited until after the 4H meeting to go. For lunch, we had to be creative. I was trying to get some bits and pieces of things eaten up, so as not to waste them. We had 2 chicken legs, 6 fish sticks, some leftover taco meat, some french fries, peas and biscuits. My daughter came in looked at the selection and said, I guess I'll be eating fries and biscuits. My husband remarked, "you know it's grocery day when lunch is fries and biscuits." (She would have eaten the taco meat if we'd had cheese, but without cheese, it is inedible to Ms. Picky.)


Freakmom said...

When Violet and I go and hang out at my folks house for the day I'll take our leftovers with. Mom will pull out their leftovers and we trade for lunch.

Amy said...

Love that lunch menu! ;-) Sounds like a Thurs. at our house.....Friday is usually grocery day & come Thurs. it's usually slim-pickins.


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