Friday, September 18, 2015

Busy week.

Monday, we got up and drove to Ikea which is about 150 miles from here.  It's a once a year-ish trip that my daughter and I love to take.  It's like Disney World to us.  Then Tuesday, I tried to get a bunch of things caught up around here and my husband traveled to Indianapolis, about a 3 hour drive.  Then Wednesday, I had surgery, just a minor one, but it's always a major disruption in life to have surgery.  I'm still feeling pretty weak and tired.   Yesterday consisted of working 2 hours and then mostly lying around the rest of the day.  I don't get a lot of paid time off at this current job that I have, unfortunately.  During all of this, youngest son stayed home and did his school work.  He's doing quite well with it.  There was a time when he was little when I worried that this would ever happen.  He was so hyper when he was little.  I still haven't gotten him into any music lessons, but I did order his consumer math books and got him started on that.  The girl bought a new work chair to sit in when she's working on her book, at Ikea and she's been in her room working ever since.

Our tomato crop this year, basically 2 out of the 7 plants produced tomatoes, but those 2 did very well.  

As part of consumer math, my son had to predict his lifelong salary.  He predicts that he won't make too much money until he becomes president of the United States (top of graph, 4 years), then he will make money from speaking engagements.  He plans to run on a platform of education reform in 2036.  :-)  


Treble Strings said...

Are music lessons not convenient where you live? I see from previous posts that you had initially thought about violin and then thought piano might be more readily-available. In-person is better, especially for children, but if you are interested, I do teach violin, viola, and cello lessons online. I also have experience working with homeschooling families and in teaching siblings or parents and children together.

Fatcat said...

I think I could find him some violin lessons if I would just make an effort. I just haven't done it. I really need to get on that, but if I can't find any here, I will keep you in mind. Thanks for commenting!


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