Friday, September 25, 2015

A fun outing.

The largest of the 3 homeschool groups that we are a part of has a big email loop and occasionally, someone posts a chance to participate in a study or survey for cash.  I always look at them, but none of them have really fit us until this week.  I signed my youngest up for one that was looking for high school students with learning disabilities who were pretty confident in their math abilities to evaluate and give their opinions about a new type of math software with adaptations for reading and writing.  Well, we were all over that.   I took him yesterday and he had a lovely time evaluating the software and giving his opinion and at the end of the hour long session, they gave him a 150 dollar gift card.  How cool is that?  While he was doing his thing, I shopped for bargains at Target, then came back to get him and had a great discussion with the people there about entering college with learning disabilities.  I learned a lot.  On the way home, just for the heck of it, I bought him a 5 dollar pizza. He is so good about half his family being gluten free and rarely getting to get pizza, that he deserved it.

This has all got me thinking about what he needs to learn this year.  Originally, we said we'd work the last year on his literacy, then he said he wanted to work on German and various other things and we built him a curriculum around what he wanted to learn this year, but we may need to reconsider and work on the spelling, at least some more.  I still have Sequential Spelling .... :-P
Cosmo has been helping me art journal this week by laying his face on my right arm.  Kind of a counterweight.  :-0 

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