Sunday, September 06, 2015

Easing in.

We are easing into our fall routine, I think.  We did get an offer on Mom's house and we accepted it and now if the financing goes through, it will be sold and we will be able to keep Mom where she is.  I am so hopeful that it does sell and also a bit sad about it.  It was my childhood home and I love it.   I can't help it.  But, we're going on with life, starting our last year of homeschooling.  The math books came today and we may do piano lessons instead of violin lessons because they are available and inexpensive and we may also join the choir at church for some music.  We will start 4H classes in a couple of weeks and we may do some volunteering.  I'm sad about the house, but also it makes me feel more free than I have felt in a long time.  I told my daughter that I feel lighter.  Sometimes I felt like I was carrying that house around on my back and I feel the weight of it maybe being lifted.  This morning I started teaching an art journaling class at church and that is taking up some of my thoughts.
With the dissolution of our beloved old homeschool group, everything is different this year, but I am starting to feel like we may be okay.

My son's library list remains rigorous.

This is book research and washed off.  :-)

An afghan my daughter is working on.  

A post by the side of the road.  I remember learning about it in school and what the letters mean, but I can't remember and I can't figure it out.  Anyone?  

The super moon from a couple of weeks ago.  We were on a yarn procurement mission for the above afghan and stopped by the side of the road to get some pictures.  

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