Thursday, June 04, 2015

This week's version of normal.

I'm just doing the day by day thing, I guess that's wisdom that comes with my advanced age?  Or is it weariness?  I don't know, but whatever it is, I'm doing okay with it, just hanging in here for now.  My method of coping with life involves making a lot of lists and having a lot of notebooks.  I have one notebook for gratitude/prayer and one for creative ideas and one titled "To Do".  The To Do one is funny because I could use my phone or my tablet or my computer or google calendars or a paper calendar and the truth is I use all of those to some extent to keep up with things, but the To Do notebook is the best.  I think that having it on paper helps me (old school, I know) when it gets too messy for me with scribbles all over it, I can turn the page and re-write a new, neater one and the process of writing it again helps me get it in my mind.

This week's looks like this.
All the marking out is due to flexibility (moving things around) and accomplishing a few of them..

Cleaning (Listed as individual tasks so I can at least mark something off.)

Counselor 1:45

Go see Mom



This Week's Goals:
Work on Mom's house.
Practice driving.
Call doctor.
Get grad cards.
plant seeds.
call plumber?

To Buy List:

My youngest son, the only homeschooler, is still doing what he has left of school this year.  He finished World History, finished Geometry and writing and now wants to work on German all summer without interruption and always does his unschooling things.   In the fall, I will need to get him a consumer math curriculum and find someplace for him to take violin lessons.  Before you know it, we'll be done.  :-(

A picture I took of the road while my daughter was driving.  It's actually the road we live on, so we weren't just out in the park or anything.

Some of this week's art journaling.

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