Monday, June 15, 2015

Trying to get something done.

I'm trying to get some things done.  It's my day off and I have decision fatigue and so as not to be paralyzed by the choices, I wrote some things down on little slips of paper and when I finish one thing, I grab another slip of paper and go.  In this way, I've gotten the dishes done, supper made, some elephant ear plants planted, exercised and contacted 2 people about my mom's house.  Still in the pile are visiting mom and going to her house to work some more today.  I may take a nap before I go see mom and I may put it off until tomorrow.  I haven't decided (or picked a paper) for either of those yet.  If I don't go see her, I will work on her house.

It's looking better.  It still has a lot, lot, lot that needs to be done, but I guess eventually, we'll get there.  I am so thankful that my kids will go with me and work pretty much without complaining.  That is a blessing.

We're out of school now and gearing up for summer.  :-)

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