Saturday, May 30, 2015

My son's visit.

He was home for 2 weeks and now he's on his way back to Mississippi.  He's taking a summer class and he's got a job there, at the school and he can get extra hours in the summer.  While he was here, we enjoyed him but we mostly just hung out.  We didn't do a whole lot.  I had plans to get him to help with the cleaning out of mom's house and painting, taking him out to see my favorite aunt and doing some singing together, but we did none of these things.  The kids inevitably caught a cold and passed it around, plus my mother-in-law's surgery was the day before he got home, so we were involved in going to see her in the hospital part of the time.  Plus, I had a doctor's appointment, and a job interview and other things and life just went on, mostly as usual.  He did get to meet our new dog, Cosmo and did get to see his grandparents and went to the movies with my brother. I can't wait until he comes back in August and brings his girlfriend for a couple of weeks.  :-)  

Some of my art from this week.


A slat came out of my rocker, but it has a warranty and they are sending a new back.  I was kind of hoping for a whole new rocker, but okay.

I like to call this "Piper in the Daisies while we were waiting for the Fed Ex Man,"
Cosmo and Freckles supervising my eating of soup.

The sky and my thumb again.  

Our crazy driveway.  My Facebook friends have all been putting up pictures of trails they've been going on and we thought about posting this one saying "We went to the mailbox..."

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