Friday, June 12, 2015

Happy birthday!

Youngest son turned 17 yesterday.   It seems impossible.  I always say that, but it does.   I ended up having a nonstop long day because I was going to see my mom, but decided to take my aunt to see her too and then we ended up adding in some extra stops.  After I got home, we visited a while and read our book for the nigth and then I went to bed.  I didn't even stay up long enough to get some of the birthday cake.  It was cherry cheese pie and had to be made after I came home with the ingredients and then it had to chill overnight.  I'll have some of that for breakfast.  :-)

As it is a youngest-son's-birthday tradition, I'll share some quotes from him over the years.

My youngest son came up to me a minute ago and said "do you want to see my sticker collection?" I asked where it was, he said (what every homeowner wants to hear) "its on my wall. Do you know why it is on my wall?" I said "no" and he said "because my wall doesn't have hair and I do." I guess he's had some painful experiences peeling off band-aids. ;-) 

Tonight my youngest son was talking about the Barney show again. He was puzzled. He said "The kids on that show are like, 6 years old, but they don't know anything. Barney has to teach them everything."

One time when my youngest was little, he came up to me and said "Barney loves me, but I don't love him. I like his show though."


Yesterday, we were supposed to clean the house. And we did. A little. I told my youngest son he needed to clean and he said "I don't like cleaning." I told him that I don't like it either, but it has to be done. He said "my liking of cleaning is as low as the earth's core.

The other night, youngest son climbed into bed between his Dad and I. After a few minutes, he complained that he was hot. I was barely awake and said "What? You're hot?" He said, "Yeah, you're warm and Daddy's warm and 2 warms make a hot."

After the appointment, we went to the grocery where we saw some gluten free, egg free, dairy free cookie mix.  My youngest said he could imagine the advertisement for those cookies, "Anyone can eat these cookies!  They taste terrible, but anyone can eat them!" 

We still have our let it snow wreath on the front door.  I noticed it last night and was going to take it down but my youngest said, "No, leave it up.  I'm dreaming of a white Easter."

So last night, my daughter is reading the latest Artemis Fowl installment (downloaded from the virtual library onto my tablet, so not actually a book) and the phrase three thousand odd people came up as in 3000-odd people attended the opera.  She didn't say it with exactly the right emphasis and put the emphasis on odd.  It sounded funny.  I laughed and said "They were all odd?"  and my youngest son chimed in "What?  Did a bunch of homeschoolers show up?"

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