Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Off the topic of homeschooling and onto my job ...

An example of why I despise my job so, so much.I am taking my own time, without pay this morning, to look at my QA reviews and read my emails from my supervisor.  Later today, I will have to take unpaid time and call her for an umpleasant discussion about how, although my accuracy rate remains at 100%, my speed is just not quite fast enough for them.  For this account, there are 27 pages (not exaggerating one bit) of nit-picky notes.  Here's an excerpt.  Can you imagine getting 100% accuracy on this?

o        When she dictates (usually after MEDICATIONS) “all the normal stuff,” you do not need to note this on her files or Mark for Review or QA.  Just be sure any headings dictated are filled in as dictated and any headings not dictated are deleted.
o        Admitting Diagnoses:  If she additionally says “as stated by the admitting physician,” make sure that is transcribed. 
o        She prefers we type q. h.s. instead of “nightly” even though it’s on the Dangerous Abbreviation list. 
o        Course And Treatment heading:  Make sure all verb tenses in this paragraph are past tense
o        Diagnoses/AXIS tables:  She wants AXIS always in all caps, not Axis.  If dictates multiple diagnoses for any AXIS number, make sure EACH diagnosis is on a separate line (do not just separate with commas or semicolons/type on separate lines for each diagnosis). This is the same for EVERY dictator not just her.
o        AXIS V:  Make sure when she dictates numbers type the punctuation exactly as she dictates it….i.e…25/45/60-65 (there is a reason she will say slash/dash etc.) 
o        Prognosis heading:  Do not separate this into two headings/statements etc.  For some physicians, she will just say “Fair or Guarded.”  For some she will say “Fair.  Thought to be dependent upon the patient remaining compliant with medications and treatment recommendations, as they develop” or something similar to this.  Make sure this is all part of the prognosis heading.


But here's the kicker.. 

They give me a template that has the heading:

COURSE IN THE HOSPITAL:  All capped, and bolded and forbid me to change the headings, then send me a note this morning from quality assurance letting me know that they have went through all of the reports I sent in Saturday and changed the case on all of these and have counted it as my error. 
COURSECourse INin THEthe HOSPITALHospital:   

So no 100% on the next paycheck and also, they have lowered my pay rate for this because my accuracy has gone down.  

Of course.

The only things this job has going for it are that it is part time (and for a caregiver, that's important) and that it is at home but I have to, have to, have to find something else or I am going to go crazy.  

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