Monday, May 25, 2015

Life with my thumb in the pictures.

It was a beautiful day yesterday and I got to spend almost the entire day with my oldest son, so it was very good.  We went to church, then to mom's assisted living facility and then to the grocery.  I didn't have to work which always makes things much better.  The garden at the assisted living is beautiful and productive, already growing lettuce and other greens and strawberries and next month, there will be blackberries and tomatoes.  They also have chickens and gather and use the eggs.  It's pretty cool.  That's my thumb in the strawberry picture.

Our own garden looks pretty wild and unruly, but then we have these guys who like to dig.

I've been playing quite a bit of Words With Friends lately and the other day I got set up on the triple score with a Z in the same position on 2 games I was playing at the same time.  On one of them, I was able to use the Z to spell ZEAL.  With the other one, I had to content myself with just blocking my opponent from using it and not getting on the triple myself.  Oh well.  :-)  

A revisit of my birthday present ---- it's been a big success.  All 3 of the kids and I have enjoyed sitting out there at one time or another.  It's a nice break in the day to go and sit for a few minutes and look at nature.  :-).  We didn't really have a good place to sit outside before.  We have a couple of plastic chairs on the deck, but they aren't particularly comfortable.  The rocker is comfortable and the porch is dry which is important on damp days like today.  Also, there's WIFI out there if the nature is not entertaining enough.  :-P   My oldest son likes to sit out there and Skype with his girlfriend who is in Greece right now.  How cool is that?  It makes us feel like even if we don't have lives, we do know someone who does so we are kind of life adjacent.  Just kidding.  

On the subject of us having a life, we have been going through a stressful period during which I think we kind of had too much life and we were just busy, busy, busy, but not with very good or fun things, but during that time, the youngest and I joined a new homeschool group and we've been having some good times with them and my daughter tried out for a part in The Sound Of Music, but then chickened out of playing Liesel.  Apparently, though, they are still working on casting because they called Saturday and asked my daughter (and me!) if we would play nuns and sing in the chorus.  Fun!  So we are getting ready to begin the rehearsal schedule which will go on once or twice a week for a couple of months.  We're very excited and it's nice to be doing something fun and adventurous, even if we can't travel right now, we are pretend traveling to Austria.  :-) 


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