Thursday, January 29, 2015

Utilizing the Information Superhighway in our Homeschool.

So my son wanted to learn the violin as his instrument.  I don't know anyone who gives violin lessons (although I'm sure I could reach out to the local homeschooling community via email and find someone very quickly) and I really don't want to pay for them right now.  We've been paying for enough things lately.  :-P

So I bought him a violin from Ebay, one of the cheapies and I was kind of afraid it wouldn't be any good.  We got it and there was no sound coming from it at all.  So we looked on Youtube and found The Online Piano and Violin Tutor, Allison Sparrow.  and last night, learned how to hold the bow, how to hold the violin, how to rosin the bow, how to tighten the bow and low and behold, a sound came from the violin for the first time!  Exciting!  Today, my son is going to find out how to tune it and then the lessons on how to play notes can begin.  It's wonderful, really to have such a resource available.  Also, my husband upgraded our wireless router so now my internet quality is better and I can watch videos without hundreds of pauses, so that's awesome as well.


:)De said...

How funny... I just bought that same violin for my 6 yr old. Thanks for the link... I will check it out.

Fatcat said...

Ours is making appropriate sounds now, thanks to Youtube! :-)


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