Sunday, January 04, 2015

Postponing a couple of things. :-)

I haven't even decided on my New Year's resolutions yet, and a lady on the radio the other day said that pretty much everyone has agreed to wait until Monday.  I think that sounds reasonable!  My resolutions always include cleaning and organizing the house and losing weight and exercising.  I don't know if I'm even going to bother with them this year. Right now, we are in an extended break time.  Our oldest son is home, he's not working at his job here because he came home sick and then there were the holidays and he also has a paper due right when he gets back, so he's just taking a break.  The rest of us, pretty much, are sick.  Everyone's in various stages of working through the cold he brought home except me. I also don't feel good for unknown reasons and started running a fever yesterday, so fun times!

I have a lot of appointments this week at various places, a dentist for my mom, a post-surgery check for me and the vet for Freckles, and then I may try and get in to see what this fever is about, so I am going to get that done and not focus on any resolutions.  I may even postpone until my oldest goes back to school next week.  Yeah, I think that sounds like a good plan.  :-)

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