Tuesday, January 13, 2015

More about the catapult.

We are easing back into school (sons) and book writing (daughter) and stress (both of the parents).  I had thought for a while that I would probably stop art journaling in favor of crocheting, but the last few days, I have been pretty stressed about some things and nothing helps my stress like art.  For my new career (one of my stressors) I might have to become an art therapist.  Wouldn't that be fun?   I need something less stressful.  Medical transcription kind of grates on my nerves at this point and then with all the changes in the company, training, updates, changing supervisors at least 4 times in the past less than 1 year I've been working there, it kind of drives me crazy.  So I have been job hunting.  :-(  Again.  There are more, much more stressful things going on but I don't want to delve into them right now, so lets talk about how a Christmas gift can foster creativity and learning.

Youngest son got that catapult and he's been reading up on Davinci, studying up on how big actual size catapults were and calculating how much it would cost to build one, building with the Keva blocks things to destroy later and having a good old time while learning.  Yesterday he invented a game that Freckles thoroughly approves of; he has started using the catapult to lob tiny dog treats into the living room so that she can chase them down and eat them.  Can you think of a game a dog would enjoy more?  Maybe if he could figure out a way for the catapult to rub her tummy?

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