Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Art journaling is back.

There for a while, I was crocheting like crazy.  I've almost done 2 complete afghans since I learned to crochet last August, but this week again the art journaling bug has bitten me.  I've been in the mood to draw large flowers, apparently.  :-)  It's my therapy so I just do it to please myself and I draw whatever I want in whatever colors I want.  At the moment, my markers are all wearing out, so the colors I choose have to have more to do with what colors still work.  I should be getting my new Christmas-present markers today from Amazon, so I may vary these colors a bit more.  I would like to have some oranges again ... :-) Some of the oranges in these pictures, I've had to go over 3 or 4 times and some of them are combinations of yellows over pinks.  Hey, whatever works.  My daughter has been crocheting like crazy since Christmas and has made (for her older brother) a circular blanket in browns, creams and oranges that you see below ... I would have liked to crop the old worn out chair out of the picture, but my computer did not want to cooperative for that, so I didn't.  One day this week, my youngest was talking about different colors of flames which reminded me that we had bought some different colored flame birthday candles at the salvage grocery a couple of months ago and had forgotten about them, so though it was nobody's birthday and we didnt have any cake, we got them out and lit them and looked at them and took a picture right in front of our most raggedy towel for your entertainment ... :-P (again, tried to crop, but to no avail, hey, keeping it real.  If you look closely in the candle picture you can also see one of our old Dollar Tree potholders that has repeatedly been set on fire, not as a homeschooling experiment, just because my cooking is exciting and dangerous!)    I've kind of got the post-holiday-my-son-is-going-back-to-Mississippi-and-I-have to-now-do-all-those-things-I-postponed-until-January blues and apparently I have needed a lot of the kind of therapy that comes from drawing big ridiculous looking flowers and writing Acts 17:24-28 on them over and over.  Again, whatever works.                                                                               

We are still not back to homeschooling.  Oldest son starts classes on the 12th, so youngest son will as well.  :-)  Following the college schedule works out fine for high school too.

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