Monday, September 16, 2013

Weird lazy weekend.

On Saturday we had taken mom up to see the assisted living facility.  She says sometimes that she wants to live in one and sometimes she doesn't.  I understand.  It's difficult.  So Saturday she said that she didn't and Sunday she said that she might.  We'll see I guess.  What I really want is for mom to be okay and to be able to remember things and able to take care of herself.  What I really know that I can't do is invite mom to live with us.   So that leaves us with these 2 choices, stay home alone as she is (which she says she doesn't like) or move to the assisted living facility (which she says she doesn't want to do).  It feels like we are between a rock and a hard place. 

I still have not been feeling well and so I took it pretty easy this weekend.  I'm not sure why all of the other members of my family felt the need to not do anything ... but anyway.  The kids have been trying to bend the rules regarding screen time on Sundays and I have been letting them, but yesterday was the last day.  It was a beautiful day outside and they spent the whole day watching TV while I took a much needed nap.   Now officially they won't need any screen time on Sundays for about 2 months, having gotten it all done yesterday.  If only they could get that far ahead on their school work.  :-P


April said...

Could there be a 3rd option of finding someone to stay with your mom? My girlfriend lived with a lady rent/board free during 4 years of college. She had 2 morning classes, came home for lunch, then 2 afternoon classes. It gave the lady someone to fix her meals, do light housekeeping, shopping, take her for drives, do her errands and she was there every night-when she tended to have the most trouble, confusion and falls. It was a win win for both--all the lady had to pay for was a few extra groceries.

Fatcat said...

I would like to find an option for that, but mom doesn't really live close to anything. A student would have to drive at least 35 minutes to the nearest college. :-( We've tried looking for a senior companion volunteer and called every social service agency we can think of.


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