Friday, February 29, 2008


I took oldest son to the doctor and they did a swab for flu and a swab for strep. Both were negative, but the doctor said his throat looked really bad. She said it is just a 'flu-like illness' and we are to treat it with rest, fluids, tylenol etc. He's really miserable. The other 2 kids and dad just have regular colds, not too bad. I still have the pinkeye, but it's not troubling me much, other than keeping me from wearing my contact lenses. I had to lose some work time going to the doctor, so I'll probably work tonight. We were going to go to my parents house tonight, but we'd better not take our flu-like illnesses over there and share them I guess.

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Amy said...

Sorry for the sickies.....but check out my just got an award!!


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