Friday, April 14, 2017

A week of camp.

I'm sitting here in the break room at the Montessori school where my daughter works having my lunch.  She has been off all week and I have been here all week working their camp week.  It's a day camp/day care kind of situation, while the other teachers do spring break.  There are about 18 kids, ages 3-8 and 4 teachers to cover the 10 1/2 hours that the school is open each day.   I'm a substitute teacher here and I had previously worked 1 day, so now I have 5 more under my belt.  It's been an interesting week, a tiring/exhausting week and I've learned a lot.  One thing I've learned is that I can do it.  I worried that I would not physically be able to handle it, but the worst part for me, as an introvert, has been just having someone in my face all day long, not the physical exertion.  I have been coming home pretty tired every day and my house is a mess right now.  I'm not used to balancing housework and working (never have been) so the housework suffers when I am gone all the time.   This is the last day of camp so next week, back to my regular life.

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