Friday, February 10, 2017

News from here and a helpful resource or two.

Our oldest son just took his last final exam of his college career.  He's going to walk the graduation walk in May, but he's officially done now.  Woot woot!  In a few months, he'll be a married man as well as a college graduate.  :-)  Youngest son got his most recent acceptance letter yesterday, to the local community college where he will probably start college.  He still hasn't decided what he's going to do.  The girl is reasonably happy in her job and working on her novel.  I'm still hanging in here, unemployed, cleaning, exercising, looking for work and trying to keep the house in order, supporting what everyone else is doing by trying to get all the errands and other things done here at home.

Homeschool helpful resources:

If you are just pulling your child out of school and wondering if they are at grade level and where you should start, here is a helpful resource.    HSLDA Placement Tests.

A good article about play:  Teacher Tom.

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