Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Identity Crisis.

It's here.  The time when I am going to have to reinvent myself.  For years I've been a "work at home, school at home, mom of 3."  I'm still a mom of 3 although they're pretty much grown up but I will be finished being a school at home mom in a couple of months and I lost my job on Friday, so I likely will not be a work at home person anymore.  I am not sure about anything.  I don't know what type of job or career I want and I don't know if I'll be able to get anything.  I have been looking for something different ever since I started that hated, horrible job that I had.  The only advantage of it was working at home, which I gotta admit, I do prefer.

I do have some things going on to keep me busy, going to see Mom, taking care of the house and yard, trying to get a job, trying to get in shape, organizing some things for church and doing some art.  Some of my art has sold at the place my daughter and I are displaying it, so I am happy about that and also I did some art for a wedding shower, so that's a trickle of income.  Thankfully my husband still has a good job.

Pray for me to find a direction for my life.  Meanwhile, here's some art from this week.

Art supplies I use include this sketchbook, watercolor markers, watercolors, sharpies and a white or silver painters marker.  

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