Thursday, August 27, 2015

Being bad.

I've been a very bad blogger lately, not updating any of my various  blogs.  They are all getting cobwebs on them ... sorry about that.   I've also been a bad homeschooler.  my son was supposed to start school on Monday, but with the visit from his brother and girlfriend and various other things, we did not start school and I haven't even ordered him the book I want him to use.  How's that for starting out well our last year of homeschooling?  At least at this late point in the game, I am wise enough not to panic.  He'll be fine.  We'll get there.  He's motivated to finish and so he's willing to work weekends and holidays if need be.  :-)   Relaxed Homeschooling

The weather has been so absolutely beautiful lately.  I told the kids they must have brought it with them, because it stormed every day until they got here from Mississippi and then the whole time they were here it was gorgeous.

Since we're not homeschooling and I don't have anything about that, I'll share pictures of the giant Mississippi watermelon that filled 5 bowls.  We were successful in eating it and not wasting any.  :-)  Also, here are 2 pictures of the moon, one at night and one in the day.

The next post will be about homeschooling I promise.  :-)

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