Monday, August 26, 2013

Stressed doesn't even cover it today.

I tell you, this middle aged thing is not for wimps.  My son moved out again over the weekend, my house is a mess, I've got to work, my daughter's sick, my aunt called and wanted to talk to me about how much worse my mom's Alzheimer's disease is getting (leaving me in tears, again), I need to do lesson planning and we need to start school today.   It's not even 10:30 a.m. people.

I'm just going to do one thing at a time.
First, I'm going to eat a chocolate cupcake for breakfast.  Another thing about middle aged-ness is that no one can stop me from doing that.
Then, I'm going to work for a while and while things are transmitting and downloading, I'm going to work on the lesson plans/list. 
The kids will get up pretty soon and I will, at the very least, get them to do chores today and get going on how they want to structure their school work.  My daughter being sick will kind of put a different spin on the first day of school.  Sigh.
Later on, I will go over to mom's house and try and deal with her mail/bills, etc. that my aunt is all worried about, call my brother, do a bit of agonzing over what to do about my mom and when I come home, I am going to watch the funniest thing on TV I can find. 

Over the weekend, we watched the Cosby Show episode where Cliff is dreaming that he and all of his sons in laws are pregnant.  That is so hilarious.  A little hilarity goes a long way.

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