Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Okay, I admit it, I am tired.

From last Wednesday until today, I've driven either mom or myself to 5 6 doctors appointments. Four for her, one two for me. Tomorrow, I've got to take my dad to one. Crack of dawn, as usual, after working until 11:00 p.m. I've done 7 work shifts during that time, ranging from 4 to 7 hours each, tomorrow with be my 8th day in this time range and my 8th work shift. Thursday, I get to be off work, but my mom has another doctor's appointment. It wouldn't be so bad if every place we went, we didn't have to wait, wait, wait. Today I just went in for a routine check and was there for over 3 hours! To top it off, one of my legs is not working properly, (I can't lift it up) but the doctor I saw today is not the kind of doctor who can do anything about that, so I'll need to make another appointment with someone else.

Sorry. Whine, whine, whine, I know and yes, I'm just playing into the hands of the person who heckled me on my blog last week and said that I was so tired and why didn't I send my kids back to public school because that would make it easier. I'll just say this, yes I am tired, but that is not a reason to give up homeschooling. I do seem to have been giving up other things, like rest, housekeeping, 4H, going to the library, although I do get a lot of reading done during these appointments. I've actually found myself temporarily bookless today and no time to go to the library and I'm on my last pair of contacts and need to find some time to go pick some more up.

But maybe next week will be better?

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