Friday, March 27, 2009

Nice day, but dreading the weekend.

I had a pretty nice day today. I worked this morning and then went to a Mom's night out with the homeschool group. We went to Bob Evans for dinner, then to Starbucks. This weekend I've got to work at both jobs so I'll probably be scarce around here and not blogging much. I dread the weekend so much. I may end up just going ahead and quitting the hospital job sooner rather than later. I hate to because I told them I'd hang around until May, but they could just hire someone else. That's what's going to be on my mind when I go in there tomorrow.

We may take a spring break and spring clean next week. Those 2 things are supposed to go together, right?

1 comment:

Mother Mayhem said...

Did you eat the lemon pie? MMM


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