Thursday, July 06, 2017

Just some funny notes.

The young adults who still live in my home are pretty hilarious sometimes.  They are always working on some project or the other.  Recently, my daughter was working on a castle floor plan that she will use in the novel that she is writing.  She was very intently working on it and had graph paper spread out on an ottoman in the living room.  Freckles, oblivious to this, jumped up on the ottoman to see if she could get her belly rubbed.  She put a claw through the paper, ruining it.   The young adults were very upset and decided to punish Freckles very severely.  What did they do?  They ate ham in front of her.  They didn't even give her a tiny bit.  They are so cruel.

Another dog funny, also, funnily enough, involving the ottoman.  My back was hurting and I moved from the position of sitting in my chair with my feet on the ottoman, to sitting up straight on the ottoman in the hopes that it would help.  Cosmo, always interested in everyone's just-vacated seat for some reason, jumped up and sat behind me in the chair.  I said "Cosmo, while you're back there, rub my back".  I then teased my daughter, telling her that she should teach her dog how to rub my back.  She said "He's still working on "sit".  It may have been that I was so tired, why this was so funny to me.

Our board game group is going strong right now, having a board game meeting or a D&D meeting every Monday this summer.  Our last meeting, this past Monday, they played several rounds of a new game we've got called Superfight.  In this game, you get a character card and a couple of attributes cards and then you challenge each other in a pretend fight and hypothesize who would win.  The other day we had Putin (with agorphobia), Canada (with the power of hypnosis) and Chuck Norris (can't remember what his special attribute was, but does he really need one?).  So to sum up, I heard my son say "Basically, we've got world war 3 and it's Russia, against Canada, against Chuck Norris."  :-)  In this scenario, they chose Canada since they felt this meant every single citizen of Canada with the power of hypnosis.  It's a fun game, especially if you like to argue, which they very much do.  :-)

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